Workday Interview Questions

One of the main issues newcomers face when entering the Workday Recruiting arena is the lack of interview resources, including interview questions. Of course, you should use the Workday Community and Workday Learning as your primary sources to stay up to date with Workday. But what if you’re a candidate looking for a quick refresher for an upcoming interview? Or a recruiter looking for a few fundamental questions to pre-screen a candidate for a Workday related role? These interview questions will help you to get started.

How many Workday updates are released per year?

Workday releases two major updates per year. In 2017, update 28th was released in March, and update 29th in September. Clients get a month in advance to test their environment against the new update and report any issues to Workday.

Name a few modules of the Workday Human Capital Management Suite:

Absence, Benefits, Compensation, Onboarding, Payroll, Recruiting Time Tracking.

Name some post-production and pre-production Workday Tenants:

Post-production: Production tenant and Sandbox tenant.
Pre-production or implementation: Implementation tenant and Gold tenant.

How is Workday reporting different to other SQL ERP systems?

Workday follows an object-oriented relationship model. When creating a report, you select a Primary Business Object and a Data Source.

What are some ways to access a Workday Standard Delivered Report?

Browsing by Category in the Sitemap, running Workday Standard Reports or writing the name of a specific report in the search bar.

What are the main types of Workday Integrations?

Workday Studio Integration, Enterprise Information Builder (EIB) Integration, Cloud Connect Integration.

What is a RaaS Report?

A Workday Report that has been web service enabled is called Report-as-a-Service.

What is a Business Process?

A series of tasks that lead to the completion of an overall business event. For example: Hiring an employee.

Name a few Workday assigned security groups:

All Users, All Employees, All Contingent Workers, All Terminees, All Retirees.

Name some Workday security group types.

User-based, Role-based, Job-based, Level-based, Integration System.

Oxygen Editor (Proprietary tools) / Exchanger Xml (open source tool)

This tool is used to transform xml file into txt file. This is place where we write the xslt code, do validation and properly test our xslt before attaching in EIB. You can choose any one of the tools.

Soap UI – It is used to test Workday delivered web service

It is external tool which is used to test web service.

What is Xpath?

XPath uses path expressions to navigate in XML documents and also XPath is syntax for defining parts of an XML document.

What is RAAS/Custom Web Service?

When we create custom report as type of advance and we enable as a web service, then Custom report become as a RAAS (Report as a service). When Custom Report become RASS, then this data can be publish / send to external system.

What is difference between filter and sub filter?

Filter is used for filtering primary business object and Sub Filter is used for filtering for related business object.

Can we use multiple data source in Report?


What is calculated fields and can u name it some functions?

Note: For calc field, they will ask Single instance and evaluate expression, how do you create and what scenario you go far. Please be prepared for this answer.

I have already the screenshot for same, please refer same.

What is Xpresso Reports?

You cannot perform action on Xpresso report and as of now it used by workday company for their internal development.

What is the difference between ILoad and EIB?

When you need to load small volume of data in tenant in ad-hoc basis or day to today activities, then you go for EIB.

If you need to load for high volume of data and that is initial conversion of data from External system to workday. Apart from this all report, EIB and any integration you can migrate from either implementation/sandbox to production by using I load.

Solution is another tool which is used to migrate report, eib and any integration from one tenant to another tenant.

How can you create connector or payroll? Please brief all the steps how you create?

Refer the documentation which I have provided you.

Can u generate multiple file in Connector?

Yes. For example if you need to create 3 file separately, then create 3 DT and separately write 3 xslt for each file and then each xslt you attach in individual DT. Than finally these 3 DT you attach to Connector by business process.

Why we should go for Workday Studio?
  • Complex Integration
  • Complex Validation
  • Call Multiple custom report at same time
  • Generate multiple file at same time
  • When you need to developed any inbound integration which has to be schedule daily basis
  • You can incorporate java code in workday studio
Workday Studio

Workday out Rest – it is a component which is used to call custom Report

Workday out Soap: it is a component which is used to call Workday deliver web service

This assembly creates a multi-record message, and then processes the message by:

  • Splitting it into individual records – splitter component is used
  • Aggregating the records together – Aggregator Component is used.

Typically in outbound integration, whenever you use splitter, you should also use aggregator. Because finally you have to collate all the data in one file and make a csv or txt file you finally be sending to external system.

Typically in Inbound integration, whenever you use splitter, then aggregator is not needed. Because in case of inbound you will be updating the data one by one records.

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